Potholes - Pothole repair

Potholes - Pothole repair

EZ Street pothole repair, cold patch can be used very successfully in patching any pothole. For most patches, simply placing the EZ Street pothole repair material in the pothole and compacting with a shovel, hand tamp, or wheel rolling with a vehicle will suffice. When possible, it is best to clean foreign debris from the pothole utilizing a broom or compressed air; however, it is not required. The application of tack coat is not necessary and is discouraged as it is "built-in".

If the pothole is full of water, EZ Street pothole repair can be placed without removing the water and the material will still compact, bond, and provide adequate performance. EZ Street pothole repair is also designed for "throw and go" applications to be left for traffic to provide compaction. However, as with any product, the life expectancy of the repair is relative to the preparation and care taken in placing the material.

Typically, EZ Street pothole repair material should be left higher than the surrounding hard surface in order to accommodate secondary compaction resulting from traffic flow. The expected secondary compaction is relative to the depth of the pothole. Most asphalt sealing and crack filling materials are compatible with EZ Street cold path and can be applied effectively after a brief curing period as with hot mix asphalt.

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