"We have applied EZ Street in the rain as well as during sunny weather and have never had any problems. We often need large quantities and are very happy with the 2-ton bags. Due to EZ Street's easy application and durability we will continue to use it on all of our jobs."

-Raymond Pederson, Public Works Foreman, City of Petersburg, Alaska

EZ Street Asphalt and the City of Antioch

Why does the City of Antioch use EZ Street? And, why did they make the switch? Discover the answers and more!
Ago 2021

A Revolt in the Wild West

EZ Street cold asphalt provided a quick, non-invasive repair—and, it saved Kansans money
Apr 2021

His First Glimpse of EZ Street Asphalt

“Just like what it says, it was easy!!”
Jan 2021

Jim Reynolds Asphalt Sealcoating Testimonial

“Seeing that we could use it for a large spaces...we realized, ‘okay our job’s going to get really easy now.”
Jun 2020

All-Weather Road Repairs in Clark County, IN with EZ Street Asphalt

“The crew loves work’n with EZ Street. It’s easy to put in. It’s pliable. You only have to put it in once and it stays.”
Jun 2020

PBS, Red Stag Materials, and EZ Street...

“I don’t think anyone reaches the standard that EZ Street does. From the way the business works and the product itself.”
May 2020

EZ Street at the Flynn Brothers Asphalt Plant

“I’ve never had a customer complain about the use or application of EZ Street.”
Jun 2020

Lavaca County, Pct 3 First Text with EZ Street Material

“We have tried others and your E Z - Street material is by far the BEST EVER.”
May 7, 2020

Getting Schooled on Fast, Easy Asphalt Repairs With EZ Street

“I’m very happy with EZ Street.”
May 2019

Fast & Easy Pothole Repair In New Jersey w/Professional-Strength EZ Street Asphalt

“I have been using EZ Street for a long time…and I’m very satisfied with the product.”
May 2019

Fast, Easy, and Even Green Enough For Oregon: Asphalt Repairs With EZ Street

“With the different rain, and weather events that happen, and moisture that happens here it’s a good alternative…as far as filling potholes and any other things that require patches for asphalt.”
May 2019

Ferguson Waterworks Likes EZ Street Asphalt

“Green is a huge thing…it’s not a petroleum product—and it’s made local.”
May 2019

Doug Sauder, Thesing Property Services, LLC.

“We don’t have to heat it up or anything…It goes in, ya’ tamp it down, and we’re outta there.”
April 2019

Bolton Council, United Kingdom

“The one product we return to time and time again is the EZStreet Asphalt.”
July 19, 2019

Kevin Potts with Williamson County, TN

“When you want something done and done right, we use EZ Street mix and we think you should too.”
September 2017

Rosleague Manor Hotel testimonial

“Having spent years messing with barrels of tar & chippings, this is so much quicker, cleaner & easier”
July 13, 2017

Tom Barrett of Safe Sealcoat Solutions, Hertford, NC

“In four years we have yet to loose a single patch, anywhere that we’ve patched.”
February 2017

Harry Boswell, Asphalt Work & Seal Coating in Texas

He loves EZ Street cold mix because, “it stays.”
January 2017

Boone County Public Works, Missouri

“You can throw it into a water puddle and it’ll actually fix the pothole, and it stays.”
December 14, 2016

City of Alameda, CA Public Works

“Simply amazing. Not only was the EZ street product flowing out of our auger unit with less effort than Hot Mix A/C, the EZ street product cleaned all of the previously used hardened hot mix asphalt off of the auger. I could not believe my eyes.”
July 29, 2016

Metro Nashville Public Works

“With this EZ Street asphalt, it allows us to not only fill the potholes faster, but also, it’s a permanent fix.”
March 2016

Wollondilly Shire Council

“Our standard cold mix wasn’t staying in the holes. Our guys like [EZ Street]…it stays…even in the rain.”
October 2015

City of St. Louis Department of Streets

"We have tried numerous other cold mix products since, nothing else has proven to be as good in both warm and cold weather conditions."
October 28, 2015

Rathsallagh Country House

February 7, 2011

Somers Highway Department

February 6, 2006

US Army Corp

March, 2005

City of Knoxville Tennessee

September 20, 2001

NCAT Pavement Test Track

August 15, 2001

City of Waynesboro

August 13, 2001

City of Clifton

July 23, 2001

County of Bernalillo

June 28, 2001

City of Westport

March 29, 2001

City of Wenatchee

February 26, 2001

Town of Jonesborough

June 22, 2000

Craig Air Center

March 4, 1997
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