Potholes - Where do they come from?

Pothole from Stamford

Where do potholes come from? How are they formed? How they affect your driveway? Why you need to repair them? What are the most effective ways to patch your driveway? Is driveway repair important? What damage can potholes do to your car? People Tripping?...

Everything you ever wanted to know about potholes coming soon!

Do you have a nasty pothole in your driveway? Take a picture of it and e-mail it to us. We will put it in our pothole gallery. Coming soon as well! If you have any driveway repair questions, send them to us as well and we will give you our best advice.

How do potholes form? How Do Potholes Form?

Show Potholes Who’s Boss

EZ Street is a polymer-modified high-performance industry-changing asphalt guaranteed to permanently repair potholes, utility cuts, overlays and edge repairs in asphalt or concrete in ALL weather conditions.

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