Parque Jaime Duque Overlay

Parque Jaime Duque Overlay

Briceno, Columbia — EZ Street Cold Asphalt

The Parque Jaime Duque (Jaime Duque Park) in Briceno, Columbia needed repair work done to its asphalt walkways. But maneuvering hot mix asphalt trucks was not possible among the park’s rides, mature landscaping and buildings built for pedestrians.

So when it came time to repair the asphalt walking paths, a logistical problem presented itself. How could repair crews and vehicles maneuver?

Enter EZ Street bulk sacks. The polymer-modified cold asphalt is well adapted to overlay applications, which the park needed. About five tons of product were brought up to the park in one ton bulk sacks(see photo of men moving the bags by hand cart), enabling an overlay 6 cm thick, covering a surface area of approximately 52 mts².

Because EZ Street cold asphalt can be stored up to a year, it is the ideal mix to have on hand in locations like Parque Jaime Duque. When a pothole or other pavement break occurs, crews can open a bag and fix the problem before it gets bigger – or trips up pedestrians, enough to ruin a day in the park.

Situated at 3750 ft above sea level, about 30 min outside of Bogota, the park offers educational, recreational and entertainment venues in a Disney-like presentation, complete with rides and a monorail, offered for free to underprivileged children. A zoo operated by LaSalle University is also on the grounds.

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