Sugarcane Processing Facility

Sugarcane Processing Facility

Panuco, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico — EZ Street Cold Asphalt

There is a sugarcane processing facility in Panuco, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico. Within this facility are roads that are frequently used by several large trucks moving supplies and materials on a regular basis. While this contributes significantly to the degradation of the road surfaces, this zone of Veracruz also accounts for the most rainfall in Mexico. This fact not only poses a problem for the actual road conditions with erosion and deterioration, but it also significantly hinders the repair process, as traditional repair methods using hot mix asphalt are impossible on a wet surface. In fact, the facility attempted to implement such a method, only to have rain postpone the entire project. Because hot mix asphalt cannot be stored, all of the material intended to resurface the road was wasted.

This posed a unique problem for the sugar processing facility; they needed a resurfacing solution that could implemented immediately, withstand wet conditions, and still be a permanent repair. The answer was EZ Street cold mix asphalt. EZ Street was the ideal solution for several reasons: It can be stored, it can be applied to wet surfaces, and it is always permanent.

This project involved the complete resurfacing of an approximately 1700 ft stretch of road, two lanes wide. The EZ Street used for the job was ready and waiting, as it was made a week in advance and stored until needed. Initially, a stabilized base was made of in-situ soils mixed and compacted using Perma Zyme, a liquid that turns earth into a concrete like substance. Next, a primer was utilized to protect the base and ensure proper adhesion of the EZ Street cold mix asphalt. Once the road was prepared, a 5 cm layer of EZ Street was applied to the base and compacted to 4 cm.

A repair that would have been nearly impossible to do with hot mix asphalt was EZ with EZ Street cold mix asphalt. Instead of repeated visits, tons of wasted materials, and the frivolous labor costs hot mix asphalt would have required, EZ Street made sure the job was done right the first time.

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