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Patches & Overlays

EZ Street Asphalt is highly effective for patches and overlays, offering a performance-proven solution. Key to its success is the establishment of a well-compacted, solid base to prevent issues like settling or rutting. EZ Street is designed to consolidate up to 40% before reaching maximum density. For a 2-inch lift, it’s recommended to place the material slightly higher than the final surface level before compaction. This ensures adequate material in the repair for optimal compaction, leading to a durable and stable repair or overlay with EZ Street Asphalt.

Patches & Overlays

The Wave Car Wash, Centralia WA EZ Street cold asphalt help make repairs where other products have failed? Welcome to the Wave Car Wash in Centralia, Washington. It’s much like car washes everywhere: a harsh and intense microclimate that can…
December 21, 2022

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