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Bolivia (December, 2005) — EZ Street Cold Asphalt Overlay

In December, 2005, as a result of the publication of an article in an industry magazine about the Bacheo Company and their product, EZ Street Cold Asphalt, a private client went to Bacheo to consult with them regarding the damages observed in the entrance roads to his home which belongs to the “Humamanta” Housing Development. He stated that the neighbors could not come to an agreement with respect to the solution for the maintenance of the common vehicular traffic areas.

After the inspection was made, “Bacheo Srl.” offered an immediate and effective solution to the problem without the need of any sophisticated equipment (only a roller, a paving spreader and straitghtedges). Later, the application was carried out on the damaged surface in one day, and the roads were immediately available for transit on our client’s street.

The application was made on a 150 mts2 (6 x 25 mts) 5 cm thick surface, using 1.5 tn of EZ Street Cold Asphalt. To date, the application has been a success without any type of deterioration, which has pleased the client very much, who in turn, on more than one occasion has recommended the Bacheo Company for similar applications.

This is an experience which demonstrates the versatility of both the product and the company who has been offering its services not only to government institutions dedicated to the construction and maintenance of the road systems, but also to private clients with diverse and specific needs. All of this is possible thanks to the fact that “The asphalt revolution comes in the way of cold asphalt.”


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