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When you do road work in the Caribbean, there are a couple of weather challenges that you face constantly. One is that working in the sun can become a very hot prospect—and not in a good way. The other challenge is that it can suddenly rain without so much as a moment’s notice.

As a result, you really want to be able to get out of the heat as quickly as possible. And if it does rain on your work, you want the work to stand up to it.

EZ Street asphalt is exactly what the doctor ordered. Just sweep out the hole. Pour in the product. Compact it—and you’re done.

In the case of this particular repair, as soon as they were finished, it rained really hard for about two hours. But the EZ Street product stood up to the deluge with no issues—which frankly, is the least we’d expect. As EZ Street asphalt veterans know, the proprietary, polymer-modified asphalt blend actually displaces water—which is why you can even toss it into a pothole filled with water.

EZ Street asphalt: showing even Jamaican potholes who’s boss, mon.

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