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EZ Street Asphalt Tries to Woo the Dominican Republic’s MOPC Engineers

Reparing potholes and utility cuts in the Dominican Republic is a task overseen by El Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Comunicaciones, or MOPC. The name directly translates as The Ministry of Public Works and Communications. And in a country like the Dominican Republic, we’re talking serious public works. The roads are both crucial and challenging.

The Dominican Republic has the ninth largest economy in Latin America, and the second largest in the Caribbean/Central American region. There’s an advanced infrastructure in telecommunications and transportation. Agriculture and mining are leading industries, and they’ve been surpassed in fiscal impact by an ever-important service economy. This is the second most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. Real estate tourism alone is a $1.5 billion industry.

All this to say: roads matter.

So, when EZ Street cold asphalt went on location with civil engineers from MOPC, there was a test to be passed: trying impress real pros who understand special challenges. Like keeping roads open for commerce despite tropical heat, tropical rainy seasons, tropical cyclones, tropical hurricanes, and other routine natural disasters offered up by the tropics.

Everyone hit the road with twenty-four 50-pound bags of EZ Street cold asphalt, minimal equipment and minimal crew. In no time, the MOPC engineers got to witness that crew using the EZ Street product to show potholes who’s boss. Men who are not easily impressed, the engineers witnessing the demonstration nonetheless became instant fans. EZ Street cold asphalt wins another one for the cause of world pothole repair.

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