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S.T. Wooten Corporation

Knightdale, NC (November 21, 2007) — EZ Street Patch Truck Application

Pothole and Pavement Repair Program

Equipment: PRO PATCH Pot-hole Patcher Truck, BOMAG Walk Behind Roller


In many smaller municipalities, the Public Works Department has many responsibilities. Sanitation, water and sewer, traffic management, and street repairs are just a handful of the tasks that must be managed on a daily basis. Add a water main break, a sinkhole, or a violent storm to the daily task list and the delays can begin to mount. Being proactive is the key to staying ahead of the curve and implementing an effective asphalt repair program can improve efficiency and reduce citizen complaints.

The Town of Knightdale, North Carolina has streamlined its asphalt patching operation through the use of a pothole patch truck. Equipped with a heated hopper, the patch truck can keep hot-mix asphalt for a period of 72 hours, thereby extending the life of the asphalt from the 1-2 hours of a dump truck. Although an asphalt shelf life of 72 hours was a definite improvement from only a few hours, the daunting list of responsibilities associated with managing and responding to the immediate needs of a growing town made it difficult for the Public Works Department to devote three consecutive days to asphalt patching. Inevitably, asphalt in the town’s patch truck would sit beyond the 72 hour window and have to be thrown out and replaced.

Knightdale turned to its existing asphalt supplier, S.T. Wooten Corporation, for a solution. Enter EZ Street High Performance Cold Asphalt. EZ Street is a cold asphalt that can be used in any temperature or weather condition, has a one year shelf life, and does not require a tack coat prior to application.

Jeff McGee, EZ Street Sales Representative for S.T. Wooten Corporation commented, “After speaking with the Town of Knightdale it became obvious that Public Works needed a material that was compatible with its existing patch truck, highly adaptable, and one that could provide a long shelf life. By using EZ Street the department has eliminated the waste and disposal of hot mix, improved its response time, and created a vehicle that is cleaner and safer to operate.”

EZ Street can last up to a year in the controlled environment of the patch truck and by regulating its temperature (70ºF – 90ºF) optimum workability can be achieved. The lower temperature requirement of the material also eliminates the need to continuously run a heat source such as a propane burner. As a result, the patch truck uses much less fuel. By using EZ Street in its patch truck The Town of Knightdale now has a vehicle that is more efficient, more flexible, and easier to maintain.


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