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California has the single largest highway system in the world, managed by Caltrans. These guys know a thing or two about speed, safety and budgets. Take this nighttime pothole-repair project. The roadway is a mess. And with California highways always open and moving fast, sometimes you have to work at night. Which, as you know, is dangerous. Caltrans wants their guys in and out. Enter: EZ Street cold asphalt, combining speed with technical superiority for a budget-saving permanent repair. The Caltrans crew just sweeps debris out of the hole to be filled. They pour EZ Street asphalt into the hole. They compact it with a roller. And the job is done, forever and for good. No temporary patch. No replacing it later with hot mix. In and out, saving money, and guaranteed permanent. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

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