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Pothole Repair

EZ Street pothole repair offers a quick, simple solution for any pothole. Just place the material in the pothole and compact with basic tools or even a vehicle. Cleaning the pothole or using tack coat is unnecessary, thanks to our built-in technology.
Water in the pothole? No problem. EZ Street works effectively even in wet conditions and allows for “throw and go” applications. For best results, overfill slightly to allow for traffic compaction. Compatible with most asphalt sealing and crack filling materials, EZ Street ensures a durable, easy repair solution.
Pothole Repair

Orivesi, Finland Street Street maintenance crews working in Orivesi (in the Pirkanmaa region of Western Finland) have used EZ Street cold asphalt to repair potholes since 2010. On this November day in 2011, the temperature was 7…
December 21, 2022
Pothole Repair

Green Bay High School

Auckland, New Zealand (2008) — Pothole Patch Potholes scattered around were becoming a serious and dangerous problem for Green Bay High School in Auckland, New Zealand. The potholes varied in size, some approximately 800 mm…
December 21, 2022
Pothole Repair

Concrete Patching’s cold. It’s wet. You have a limited budget, limited crew and limited equipment. How do you stretch those dollars, expedite pothole repairs in concrete road surfaces, and maintain morale among the men in the…
December 20, 2022

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