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What do you do when you have Texas-size potholes? You use a Texas-size solution. And that would be EZ Street Asphalt. When the EZ Street rep called the City of Willow Park, one of the first things the man from the Street Department asked was, “Will it work in water?” And the rep said, “Sure.” He said he’d come over and show him. So he came over. They filled up a pothole full of water. The rep tossed in a shovelful of EZ Street Asphalt. Then, to compact it, he rolled his pickup truck over it. He said to the man from the City of Willow Park Street Department, “Call me back in about two weeks.” The man from the City of Willow Park said, “What if it blows out?” The EZ Street rep said, “If it blows out, I’ll give you a whole load of asphalt for free.” He didn’t need to give away a load of asphalt for free. And the City of Willow Park loves using EZ Street Asphalt. They’re busy showing potholes who’s boss.

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