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Ushuaia, Argentina is far enough south that its Winters can be cold and snowy. That pretty much eliminates traditional asphalt from their arsenal—they needed EZ Street asphalt. And, this June, they finally got it—just in time for Winter.

“We are now in a test stage,” explained the Coordinator of Public Road Works and Provision of Services, Sergio Baiocchi. “Five months ago we…looked for references in places where they already worked with this product, places without a doubt where the climate is also quite complicated. And…[their] results were very good.”

The Ministry of Planning and Public investment received one thousand kilograms of EZ Street permanent asphalt. The plan is to test it out on potholes and road maintenance in Ushuaia.

“The technology of this product allows us to use it in the presence of water and extreme weather, so it does not require adding a binder, sealants, or mixing components.” Said Baiocchi. “This asphalt product is already prepared to be placed directly in the pothole and is automatically activated with the asphalt compactor, and guarantees greater durability.”

We’re glad they decided to give EZ Street asphalt a shot—and are looking forward to working with Baiocchi’s team in the future.

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