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Marinas. Boat launching ramps. Yacht yards. Dry stacks. They all have something in common: asphalt, vehicular traffic and water. Lots of it. (In some cases, ots of salt water. Even better.) With all the heavy traffic, heavy loads and constant exposure to water, is there any greater recipe for potholes, cracks and pavement damage?

The good news: marina managers, dock masters and other facility supervisors have a friend in EZ Street cold asphalt. This unique, polymer-modified bituminous blend is a use-it-cold asphalt product that does something special: it displaces water. With EZ Street asphalt, you can quickly and easily repair water-filled potholes—without ever emptying the water. And the repair is guaranteed permanent.

It doesn’t matter what size repairs we’re talking about. Need to repair a municipal boat ramp besieged by weekend mariners driving full-size pickups hauling ski boats? No problem. Running a yacht club with electric hoists for a dinghy drysail fleet and seeing seasonal damage around your parking lots and piers? No problem. Dry stack facility with a marine forklift moving power boats? Nobody wants to drive that forklift through a pothole. Never mind hitting a pothole while driving a yacht-yard travel lift hauling a 50-ton yacht from the water to the shed.

Whatever size marine facility you’re dealing with, you have to battle that ravaging recipe of traffic, pavement and water. Whenever and wherever marine-related potholes and other damage ensue, EZ Street cold asphalt can handle the job. You can store it onsite for up to one year. And whenever the damage appears, it’s a quick fix. Just sweep any loose debris from the hole. Throw the product in the hole. Compact it and walk away. EZ Street asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

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