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Let’s face it: working outdoors on road repair in the middle of winter in Denver is not going to be much fun. It’s just plain cold. But it sure can be made just a little more bearable (not to mention safer) with the addition of EZ Street cold asphalt.

Here, a two-man crew on one of the city’s pothole patching trucks drives around Denver. Quickly, it becomes evident how much easier the job can be with EZ Street asphalt in the mix.

These two fellows go looking for any and every pothole they can find. Once a target is locked in their sights, they pull over and get cracking. They climb out of the cab. They go to the hole and sweep out any loose debris. They dispense the EZ Street product.Compact it with a portable, gas-operated leveler. Put away their gear and climb back into the cab. Done. From cab to completed repair to looking for the next pothole in about five minutes.

This is a different level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness than most DPW’s are used to. Think how much better it is for the crew, for public safety and for the bottom line. Get in. Get out. Get on to the next one. Minimal fuss. Maximum speed. All with ready-to-use, stored-at-your-facility, guaranteed permanent EZ Street cold asphalt.


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