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Douglas County, Colorado is midway between Denver and Colorado Springs. Winters there are cold and snowy. Wintertime utility cut repair here can be cold and wet—even subject to blizzard conditions. Fortunately, the guys at public works have found a way to make utility cut repairs faster, easier and less expensive. The unsung hero in this storyis definitely the guy who was brave enough to buck asphalt tradition to try the EZ Street product in the first place. Here’s why…

You can see that on this residential street repair, there’s snow on the ground and water on the road. When it came time to fill the hole, if there had been any water down in there—no problem. EZ Street asphalt’s polymer-modified formula displaces water. Just throw it in the hole, compact it, and walk away (Yes, it is winter. But the guy driving the roller is wearing a T-shirt. Welcome to one of the realities of the mountain west.)

Here in this major thoroughfare, where they’re working on the utility cut, you’ll notice that they’re using a hot box. One advantage of EZ Street’s properitary cold mix blend is its one-year shelf life. It’s also always workable in cold weather. But if you want to use a hot box, feel free. Warming the product can make your utility cut repair even easier.

Hot box or not, EZ Street cold asphalt gets your crew out of the cold weather more quickly. Which also means getting the crew off the roadway faster. And who doesn’t love reducing liability simultaneously with reducing costs, time on the job and trips back to the repair? (That’s right: no trips back to repair a failed repair. One and done. EZ Street asphalt repairs are also permanent. Guaranteed.)


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