Utility Cuts

Utility Cuts

Guasca Water Main Repair   Colombia Website

Residential Utility Cut Repair—Get In And Get Out Faster With EZ Street Asphalt

Working on a utility repair in a residential neighborhood

Utility Cut at Treatment Plant, Healdsburg, CA

City Road Crew Quickly Repairs A Utility Cut At A Municipal Facility. The conflicts in the City of Healdsburg, California are like most any other place these days: shrinking...

Water Service Utility Cut Repair, Healdsburg, CA

Powerful Reduction of Cost & Risk: Hydro Excavation Meets EZ Street Cold Asphalt

Micro Trenching Cayman Islands

What do you do when you’re a small Caribbean island nation with a bustling tourism trade, a vast global financial industry, and a communications infrastructure that needs an upgrade?

Digging and Restoring 157 Utility Trenches on the Busiest of City Streets: How to do it, Pain-free

Among the capital cities of Australia, Sydney boasts the highest rate...

Lone Tree, Colorado Utility Cut

You don’t need to be any kind of a traffic-flow savant to look at this intersection and realize that it’s going to be a beast—closed lanes, congested traffic, and your guys in the road.

Water Main Break Repair Clonmel Ireland Website

This application at the junction of Gladstone Street and Kickham Street in Clonmel.

Water Main Break Repair

A Water main break under the road here at Route 43 (a major state highway) north of 176, heaved up the road pretty good.

Hoonah, AK Diesel Generation Heat Recovery

Hoonah, Alaska (population 860; 1300 in the summer) is only 30 miles from the state capital of Juneau.

Loyal Customer Demonstrates Cost Savings

A recent university study by James Bearden, shows a cost savings of 72% when using EZ Street cold asphalt compared to hot mix asphalt repair.

Service Trench – North Vancouver, BC Canada Website

The District of North Vancouver uses EZ Street cold mix for service trench reinstatements for their Waterworks Department.

Australia Utility Cut Australia Website

During this utility cut reinstatement, each lane of traffic was reopened to traffic immediately after compaction.

Winter Utility Cut – Evanston, IL

A 7' x 14' sewer repair in Evanston, IL was needed in the height of winter in 2009. EZ Street cold asphalt was used because it could be applied during the cold winter...

Utility Cut Restoration

In April of 1998, the Miami-Dade Water & Sewer Dept. placed approximately 70 tons of EZ Street Cold Asphalt in a utility cut 100 feet x 36 feet.

Atlanta Gas Light - Night Utility Repair

When concrete fill won’t cure fast enough, contractor turns to cold asphalt product for surface course.

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