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Just Ask Colorado Asphalt Services, Inc.

They’ll Tell Ya…

In Denver, you get two choices in December: cold, and bitter cold. Today, it’s merely cold. Which is still no picnic. And the crew from Colorado Asphalt Services is thrilled to be using EZ Street cold asphalt to repair this utility cut. Why thrilled? Because it means they can get the job done and get back inside where it’s warm.

Since 2008, CASI has been partnering with the EZ Street Company for a simple reason: it just makes life easier. They understand that EZ Street cold asphalt means faster, permanent repairs for various applications, from potholes to utility cuts to trench repairs. They like that the product is formulated to improve cohesion, adhesion, and water resistance. And, of course, there’s that whole “guaranteed permanent” business.

For CASI, EZ Street cold asphalt is “the material of choice” in Colorado’s cycle of wet, cold, freeze and thaw. They like being “rapid first responders.” On any repair, they get in and out quickly—even when it’s snowing. EZ Street cold asphalt can even be thrown into a pothole filled with snow and icy water. CASI’s crack crew makes it happen and gets on to the next one—just like they did with this utility cut. Today, they showed it who’s boss, and they’ll do it again tomorrow.


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