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Yes, greater Nashville is seeing environmentally friendly asphalt repair in the suburb of White House. Working with LoJac Enterprises of Hermitage, the City of White House Public Works is using a proprietary blend of EZ Street cold asphalt containing RAP. (That’s reclaimed asphalt pavement for all you civilians.)

Like so many growing communities, White House needs cost-effective alternatives to their infrastructure challenges. Additionally, White House wants to be environmentally responsible. LoJac has helped them accomplish those dual goals with their special EZ Street RAP blend. This unique, polymer-modified formulation of asphalt incorporating RAP gives White House Public Works the power to make permanent repairs to utility cuts—quickly and cost-effectively.

That’s because EZ Street cold asphalt with RAP has a shelf life of one year, and can be used in virtually any weather—including rain. It can even be used in utility cuts filled with water. The EZ Street product is ready to work when your crew is. It eliminates the need to wait around for hot mix—especially valuable for a public works department that doesn’t have an asphalt plant nearby. And the EZ Street products can be used quickly with minimal crew members, saving time and money. Since the product is cold, there is none of the time-sensitivity for using it. Only the required amount is shoveled off the truck. Fewer crew members means lower labor costs. Less equipment means less fuel used. Using EZ Street cold asphalt with RAP is an all-around win-win for both the budget and the environment.


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