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Who doesn’t like to check things off their hit list as quickly as possible? And working on a utility repair in a residential neighborhood is no exception. The crew from the City of Healdsburg Public Works Department has found they like making quick work of jobs like this one using EZ Street cold asphalt.

The Healdsburg facility of Syar Industries supplies the City of Healdsburg with all the EZ Street asphalt they need to make these jobs happen ASAP. With the repair under the road complete, the crew backfills the hole using dirt and rock and a jumping jack tamper. Then, when they’re within two inches of the road surface, they bring in the EZ Street product. They dump the cold asphalt into the utility cut, distribute it evenly across the remaining hole, and bring back the jumping jack tamper to compact it.

And that’s it. They drive away and this job is done forever. No need to replace the cold patch because EZ Street asphalt is guaranteed permanent. Properly installed, the product is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement. EZ Street Cold Asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.


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