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City Road Crew Quickly Repairs A Utility Cut At A Municipal Facility

The conflicts in the City of Healdsburg, California are like most any other place these days: shrinking budgets are coming up against the ongoing need for infrastructure repairs. And municipal facilities like this city water treatment plant are always going to need some kind of repair for something. There’s nothing wrong with cutting expenses where you can, and EZ Street cold asphalt helps the city of Healdsburg do just that.

Napa Valley’s Syar Industries facility keeps the Healdsburg Public Works Department in-stock on EZ Street asphalt. All the crew had to do was pick up the product on the way to the jobsite. It’s ready to work, and stays that way for up to one year. A day in the dump bad is no problem at all.

In the case of the water treatment facility, the crew was required to dig a long utility cut. When the repair was finished, there was no need to wait around for hot mix, or make a cold patch that would have to later be replaced. (Yes, EZ Street is cold asphalt—but it’s guaranteed permanent. It will outlast the surrounding pavement.)

In the case of the utility cut at hand, the crew just pours EZ Street product straight from the truck into the cut. Two men with shovels evenly distribute the product into the trench. Then, using a plate compactor, they compact the EZ Street asphalt. The quick and easy repair is ready to go and guaranteed to last. And any leftover material can be stockpiled back at the yard. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

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