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The company used a “green” version of EZ Street called Hybrid®, successfully at one of its recent projects. The Rocky Mountain National Park Service wanted to use an environmentally-friendly product to pave the walking trail from the Alpine Visitor’s Center in Estes Park, Co., to the scenic summit. The dirt path offered a not-so-smooth surface, and was unsafe, making paving with an asphalt mix the best solution.

A CASI spokesperson was quoted on the project, “The National Parks Service wanted two deliveries throughout the summer. We delivered the pallets of 50# bags first on a flat bed trailer to the parking lot of the visitor’s center in June. Because they were at the top of the trail at the highest incline they would be lifting these bags by hand. In August, they were done with bags so we delivered bulk sacks. We delivered a mix of 500-lb bulk sacks and one-ton bulk sacks for the lower part of the trail to the parking lot. Since they were not working on an incline toward the bottom (of the trail), the sacks were more cost effective to use and allowed them to shovel directly from the sacks.” The project was a success and only further increased EZ Street Hybrid® cold asphalt’s reputation as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional asphalt and concrete.

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