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Cascade Pass, Washington — EZ Street Cold Asphalt

I dropped off some samples of EZ Street Cold Mix Asphalt to the ranger station in the Cascade (Washington) district a couple of years ago. In the fall of 2008, when I went back through this district, they said they had a project the product might just work for. The closest hot mix plant is about a six hour round trip away, and also he did not have the money to just put a big project out for bid. The head ranger in the district, Ellis Fink, wanted to know if using EZ Street Cold Mix was something his own crews could do if we just delivered the EZ Street to the job-site.

I spent quite a bit of time with them going over installation procedures and the things they would need to do to put down 65 tons of product by hand on trails and other applications, such as bringing edges up to grade with EZ Street Cold Mix with crushed rock or top soil since there would be exposed edges on most of the areas. We discussed handling (making sure they had a clean area to store it and keeping it clean) while using the material. We also discussed the importance of compaction and how to accomplish it.

Soon, they called and said as soon as the snow left in late spring they wanted to give it a try. They called Rick with the purchase order, we delivered 65 ton of bulk EZ Street Cold Mix to a stockpile at the the top of Cascade Pass, and off they went. It was impossible for me to be on site while they were doing the project because Ellis wanted to be able to just work on the project at their convenience, when they were not busy with other duties. They worked on the project off and on all summer, finishing up before the snow fell again.

They moved the material with a small loader backhoe and put it down by hand using a vibratory compactor for compaction. The crews used crushed rock, bringing all of the shoulders up to the top of the EZ Street Cold Mix. They even used the product in a few areas they had not initially planned on.

In spite of not being asphalt workers by trade, they did an excellent job.
EZ Street Cold Mix Asphalt was the perfect material for the application they had and plan to put down more in other park areas sometime in the future.

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