EZ Street, a tech-driven, thermally stable Ambient™ Asphalt Technology, is set for instant application directly from the bag or the stockpile, requiring no heating or specialized treatment.
  • Works in water
  • Thermally resilient
  • Performance-Proven
  • Bonds to surrounding Asphalt and Concrete
  • Instantly ready for traffic
  • Stockpiles for months
  • Always Workable


Utility Cuts


Edge Repairs

Manhole/Valve/Drain Surrounds

Discover the perfect balance of endurance and convenience with EZ Street Asphalt. Our engineered asphalt is designed to provide long-lasting performance while offering the endurance of hot mix and convenience of cold mix. No matter the application, whether it is a pothole, overlay, or utility cut, EZ Street Asphalt is the reliable choice that exceeds expectations.


Clear away loose debris, sand, leaves, rubber duckies, etc. (you can leave the water). Instead of building a foundation for the repair, you’re clearing one off.

EZ Street Asphalt will adhere to anything solid in the pothole, but if it’s not fixed to the pavement, your repair won’t be either.

You’ll know it's ready when there’s nothing loose along the edges, or bottom of the pothole for the repair to stick to.


If the crater’s deeper than three inches, it’s a good idea to fill in two inch layers, or “lifts”, compacting each layer before adding the next, to increase the density of the foundational layers.

Fill the pothole to just over the level of the existing pavement. Then…


If you don’t have a hand tamp, simply drive over the repair until it’s level with the pavement. And. That’s. It.

It’s 100% okay to drive on an EZ Street Asphalt repair immediately after completion—we call it “secondary compaction”.

Performance-proven, thermally resilient, asphalt means done is done. No more hot-mix sized crews... or second trip to the repair.

Cost Comparison

Cold & Hot Mix vs. EZ Street Permanent Asphalt

Meet EARLE CO. Their bringing EZ Street all-temperature asphalt to your community.
Give Adam a call to see for yourself. We can set up a demo, or send over a sample bag.