Sell Mix With Your iPad

Asphalt Pro

by Sandy Lender

As asphalt professionals court city, county and private project owners in real time, having tools that make a point clearly and on-the-spot comes in handy. In our November issue, Don Sullivan, a senior product manager with Emerson Electric's Industrial Automation Division, Florence, Ky., explained the growing use of smart phones in the field to help operators troubleshoot maintenance issues and help consultants or salesmen get information to clients in a jiffy. The team at EZ STREET, Miami, joins the technorati that can make life easier for the construction industry.

Bryan Jean of BBi Creative, a division of EZ STREET, explained a number of features for the company's new EZ STREET application for the iPad. "It offers a more relevant sales tool for field interaction and engages customers in a more fluid way at tradeshows. It's a natural extension of other marketing and sales platforms we currently use. Global updates can be done in one click."

The EZ STREET app isn't just a sales tool that's easy to carry around. Jeff Gonzales is the operations supervisor for City and County of Denver Public Works Street Maintenance Division. He agreed that the app saves time and trees by allowing users to see …

Asphalt Pro iPad
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