EZ Street Canada develops asphalt mix
for use in extreme cold

February 25, 2011

By Peter Kenter, correspondent

Hot mix is often the asphalt of choice for paving projects, but EZ Street Canada is aiming to take a bite out of the market with a cold asphalt paving mix that can be applied without heating at temperatures ranging from minus 18C to 38C.

The product, developed in Florida by the EZ Street parent company, employs advanced polymers that allow the material to be stored indefinitely and applied without additional preparation under a wide range of weather conditions.

Chris Hunt, one of the founding partners of EZ Street Canada, says he first heard about the product after he spent 10 Euros to register the web name EZ.ST in the island nation of Sao Tomé on a whim.

"It was a great web address, but I didn't really need it, so I decided to contact anyone with a similar business name who might want to take it over," he says. "Lars Seagren, who founded EZ Street, was the only one to respond, and he told me he'd just been getting grief from his brother Dag about having a web address that was too long. The conversation started there. Within two weeks I had sample material sent to me in Yellowknife and we were testing it with the Northwest Territories (NT) Department of Transportation." …

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