EZ Street takes home Highest Achievement Award in flexible packaging competition

The Flexible Packaging Association

September 15, 2006

By AsphaltPro Staff

Miami, Florida - September 15, 2006 – Eight years since its introduction to the industry – EZ Street’s unique flexible packaging design garners continued acclaim, and was given a silver award in excellence in packaging by The Flexible Packaging Association.

Form and Function – In building materials.

"As evidenced by the innovation in the EZ Street bag design, it is clear that both form and function can play an equally important role in building materials, says Maria Donahue, President of The Flexible Packaging Association. "We congratulate EZ Street on using innovative packaging to add value to this industry."

This is asphalt? you’re asking. Yes.

"To be sharing the stage with Pillsbury, M&M’s and Nestle’ – all champions in consumer branding and packaging is exciting, and very rewarding. When other building materials are still contemplating minor package innovation – we’ve been through 12 iterations since we brought it to our retailers and consumers, which translates to better and more functional product, all the time", says Tom Francione, Sales Manager for The

EZ Street Company, North America division

Resealable features – protective linings – robust graphics.

The benefits don’t stop there. EZ Street will re-introduce its much sought after rope handled bag, later this Fall. What’s not changing – the same great product inside the bag. "We’re passionately committed to providing the consumer with the ultimate experience in permanently repairing their potholes– whether it’s a few bags or a few truckloads of bags, added Francione."

The EZ Street Company is a privately held innovator in The Asphalt Industry, founded in 1995.
For information on where to purchase EZ Street, please browse our company’s web site or call (305) 663-3090.

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