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Popular Mechanics

July 2000

Edited by Cliff Gromer

Easy Street

Can this product make repairing your driveway downright easy? You’ll have to decide that for yourself, but we’ll put it this way, it has the potential to make the job a lot easier. It’s called EZ Street, and it consists of 35 pounds of blended sand, stone, asphalt and polymer resins packed neatly in a tear-resistant plastic bag with a rope handle. Open the resealable bag, dump out the contents, and pack it down. One bag will cover 3 sq. ft. to a depth of 1 in. You can apply it in any weather and even in a pothole with water in it. After it’s compacted, it can handle traffic immediately. Apply a coat of driveway sealer about one month after its installation. EZ Street costs $12 per bag at hardware stores and home centers. Contact EZ Street Co., 4649 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Suite 303, Miami, FL 33146; 800-734-1476.

The EZ Street Company
4649 PONCE DE LEON BLVD., SUITE 303 • MIAMI, FLORIDA 33146 • (800) 734-1476

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