Permanent Cold Asphalt

Permanent Cold Asphalt

It’s permanent. That simple.

Yes, we could give you all kinds of fancy language from the legal department.
But we won’t.

Here’s the guarantee:

Properly installed, your EZ Street patch will outlast the surrounding pavement.

To fully understand proper installation, click here for instructions.
Follow those simple steps, and your asphalt patch is covered by the EZ Street guarantee of permanence.
Here are a couple of other useful notes of guarantee:
Properly applied, EZ Street asphalt will not bleed through your hot mix overlays. Guaranteed.
In temperatures below freezing, your EZ Street asphalt will be workable. Guaranteed.
See also: proper installation, above.

See how simple? EZ Street asphalt. Showing potholes who’s boss. Permanently. Guaranteed.

Miami 1998 patch

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Red Deer

EZ Street Asphalt Red Deer Pothole Repairs

Red Deer Pothole Patching, One Year Later

Winter Utility Cut in Evanston, IL

Winter Utility Cut

Mount Vernon, NY



Car Wash videos

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Deering Bridge Resurfacing – Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island

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