Repair Water Filled Potholes With EZ Street Cold Patch

Repair Water Filled Potholes With EZ Street Cold Patch

EZ Street cold asphalt works in water and ALL weather conditions.


You bet. You can also patch potholes in snow. And the best part: You are never going to be called back to that hole to fix a failed repair, because EZ Street Asphalt is guaranteed permanent.

But how is this possible? How can you just throw a shovelful of cold asphalt into a water-filled pothole, compact it, and walk away for good? The answer is in EZ Street’s polymer-modified blend. When you put it into the pothole, it doesn’t suck up any water. Instead, it displaces it.

Compact the product, and your pushing the water out of the hole. And that repair is just like any other repair you make with EZ Street: It will not pit, rut or pop out. That repair is guaranteed permanent.

Working in the snow? So is EZ Street. The EZ Street product is formulated for your local weather. So when you roll up to that pothole on an 18-degree day in December, you can still shovel it, work it, compact it, and be done with it.

EZ Street Asphalt. Showing potholes who’s boss.

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