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Available across the country and around the world, EZ Street cold asphalt is just as easy for a professional contractor to install as it is for an amateur do-it-yourselfer patching some potholes in his driveway. It works with professional paving, patch truck and rolling equipment just as well as it does with a simple shovel and hand tamper. Select from the categories below for more detailed information on how to use EZ Street cold asphalt and where to get it.


Do-it-yourself Driveway Repair and Pothole Repair

Whether you are looking to patch some potholes in your driveway or repair your front concrete sidewalk, EZ Street cold asphalt is the quick, easy to use pothole patch material that you can pick up at your local True Value hardware store. Driveway repair is no longer a difficult process requiring special equipment. Simply empty the bag of EZ Street cold asphalt into your driveway pothole and then compact it using tools you already have like a shovel or your trucks tire. While your at it, apply these same simple installation steps to the trip hazards in your front asphalt sidewalk or concrete sidewalk. Read what a landlord said about trip hazard repair in his front walk using EZ Street cold asphalt.


Contractors, Pothole Repair, Utility Cuts and Surrounds, Asphalt Overlays and Edge Repairs

For private contractors, DOTs, public works departments and property managers, EZ Street cold asphalt can make a lot of asphalt repair jobs a lot easier. Bulk EZ Street cold asphalt can be stockpiled outside in your yard for up to a year. Crews can keep a couple of bags of EZ Street cold asphalt in the truck with them and the product is on hand when they need it for pothole repairs. No wasted trips back to the shop and certainly no wasted trips to the hot mix plant for asphalt material to make small road repairs. The product is easy to install when surrounding a water valve, catch basin or manhole covers. It can be compacted with simple hand tools. It's also a permanent utility cut repair and trench patching material.


For Producers

If you are an asphalt producer looking to produce EZ Street cold asphalt, please click here. In this section, we offer an insight into what it's like to become an EZ Street Producer. See examples of plant and vehicle branding along with billboards and other EZ Street marketing. Also, read articles about our current Producers.

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