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Repairing a manhole surround is a job that comes with its own special problems. This surround in Olympia, Washington provides a pretty picture of just how clean and easy it can be when you use EZ Street Asphalt. As you know, the hardware in a situation like this can shift under traffic. A subpar repair can crack and break apart. But EZ Street Asphalt’s polymer-modified formulation is flexible. It’s easier to obtain adequate compaction during the repair phase. Then, over time, a secondary compaction is provided by regular traffic driving over it. The result is a more solid, long-lasting repair. EZ Street Asphalt is guaranteed permanent. Done correctly, that manhole surround is guaranteed to outlast the surrounding pavement. EZ Street Asphalt: Showing potholes—and manhole surrounds—who’s boss. Water valves, drains, and catch basin grates, too.

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