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Cold Mix Asphalt Has Four Seasons

The repair of potholes with cold mix asphalt is typically associated with winter, when hot mix plants are closed. But even in summer the colder version of asphalt is sometimes used because it’s just a lot more…
January 3, 2023
Parking Lot Repairs

Parking Lot Repair

Springfield, MA, Apartment Complex — EZ Street Cold Asphalt Abnormal terrain can turn road repairs into a nightmare, both before and after the fact. A parking lot repair job at a Springfield, Massachusetts apartment complex provided…
December 22, 2022
Parking Lot Repairs

Pemex Gas Station

Puebla, Mexico — EZ Street Cold Asphalt At a Pemex gas station in Puebla, Mexico, a large area of the lot needed to be completely resurfaced. The gas station, off of the federal highway Atlixco km…
December 22, 2022
Parking Lot Repairs

Our Favorite EZ Street Story Relationships are everything: in business, and in personal life—crossing those streams is a bold move. Unless, of course, you believe in your product. Dan Mattingly believes in EZ Street asphalt—enough to cross his business…
December 22, 2022

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