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Denver, CO (July 1, 2008) — EZ Street Cold Asphalt Seam Repair

When rain, snow, and ice storms took their toll on Highway 36, dangerous sized seams (longitudinal cracking in the hot mix joints) began to form on the road surface. Ranging from ½ to 4” deep and some being up to 6” wide, the Colorado Department of Transportation deemed it necessary to repair a 2 mi stretch of the highway, beginning at mile marker 41 and moving west.

CDOT had previously tried to repair the seam with other cold asphalts and hot-rubber crack-filler with no success. The asphalt seam repair job was done on the night of July 1st, 2008, around 10:30 p.m.; the temperature was 70°.  CDOT region 4 Boulder and Superior crews were responsible for the repair. Most of the work had to be completed at night since I-36 is a major highway leading to Boulder.

To prepare the seams for repair, the crew began by using an air compressor to clear debris from the surface cracks.  Utilizing a lane closure, two crew members then shoveled EZ Street cold asphalt bulk from the back hitch of a truck into the now cleared seams.  A tandem truck followed behind them, wheel rolling the EZ Street cold asphalt bulk into the seams.  From then on, traffic additionally compacted the bulk.  In all, the job used 3 tons of EZ Street cold asphalt. EZ Street cold asphalt made this highway seam repair EZ!

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