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Springfield, MA, Apartment Complex — EZ Street Cold Asphalt

Abnormal terrain can turn road repairs into a nightmare, both before and after the fact. A parking lot repair job at a Springfield, Massachusetts apartment complex provided several obstacles for a contractor to overcome. The land surrounding the apartment’s parking lot is very steep on either end of the flat, level parking lot surface. Fears of runoff plagued the apartment complex, and, with the Connecticut River across the street, erosion control was a serious concern. Repairing the parking lot would also extend a substantial duration of time, so any materials used would need to be capable of being utilized in dramatically varying weather conditions.

To repair the parking lot, EZ Street cold mix asphalt was chosen as the ideal material to use. Because of the steep grade of the land surrounding the parking lot, there was a lot of potential for water build up, thus the repair required a material that was capable of permanently patching the lot’s surface, despite the presence of moisture or standing water. Also, the repair was to start in the late winter and continue through the spring, so not only would the parking lot surface be exposed to varying amounts of water, but also vastly varying temperatures, ranging from 30 to 80 °F. Fortunately, for the owner and patrons who rely on the parking lot, EZ Street cold asphalt can be used for a permanent repair in any of these conditions.

EZ Street was also selected for the parking lot repair because of its flexibility and ease of use. Unlike hot mix asphalt, the EZ Street cold mix asphalt was able to be stockpiled on site and used when needed; this eliminated the necessity for the contractor to drive between the parking lot site and an asphalt plant, saving literally hours of driving time. It is also worth mentioning the contractor handling the parking lot repair was not a typical asphalt installer; he did, however, find that working with EZ Street was very easy. Upon completing the job, he had no leftover asphalt to worry about the disposal of, no build-up of material on his dumping trailer, nor any damage to his tools.

Since EZ Street is permanent and instantly ready for use, the parking lot repair simultaneously ensured that residents be minimally inconvenienced and the threat of erosion and run off was no longer a worry. Today, thanks to the EZ Street repair, the parking lot is busy with traffic, and the new solid and stable driving surface keeps residents and the property owners at ease.

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