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S.T. Wooten Corporation

Burlington, NC (October 11, 2007) — EZ Street Cold Asphalt Overlay

Technical Specs: 8 ft x 971 ft, Depth 2-4” Equipment: Leeboy 8500 Paver, Leeboy 400 Roller, EZ-GO Golf Cart Material: 80 tons EZ Street Cold Asphalt Bulk Mix, S.T. Wooten Corporation, Haw River Asphalt Plant

Sand traps and water hazards are plentiful at the Alamance Country Club golf course; however until recently they paled in comparison to the biggest hazard on the course……the cart paths. Riddled with tree roots and deteriorated from years of use, the cart paths at the Alamance C.C. were in desperate need of repair. Pure Seal, LLC of Elon College, NC was the contractor selected to perform the repairs, and was faced with the challenge of making repairs quickly (to minimize the burden on the course schedule) and without damaging the turf. Taking these considerations into account, the job had to be performed with a small paver, a small roller, and accessed primarily by golf carts since the repair areas were scattered throughout the course.

Delivering hot mix asphalt to the paver in the repair areas would have proven difficult in such a confined area. Furthermore, the growth of tree roots and other vegetation underneath the asphalt would have almost certainly continued to be a problem. Ryan King with Pure Seal commented, “The location of the repair areas called for a material that would remain flexible for use in tight spots and varying terrain. Also, we needed to be able to mobilize our crew and equipment from one area to the next with minimal disruption to the golfers and the community.

Neal Wood, Sales Representative for S.T. Wooten’s Asphalt and Commercial Division consulted with Pure Seal prior to the project and recognized the advantages of using EZ Street for the cart paths. “When I discussed this project with Pure Seal, there was no question that EZ Street would provide the best in place surface given the conditions and the challenges of getting the material to the overlay locations.”

For the application EZ Street was placed cold with a paver at depths varying from 2 inches to 4 inches. The center of the overlay was then rolled with a small roller and a golf cart tire was used to compact and form the cart path edges. The EZ Street surface ride quality is now smoother than the sections of the cart path paved with hot mix.

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