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It’s a problem. Water. Lots of it—year round. Freeze/thaw; freeze/thaw. Welcome to Heber City, Utah—where they’ve found a pothole solution.

It’s far from the first time Tom Coleman and his crew have been to this intersection for a pothole repair job. Carwashes accelerate pothole formation and road decay simply by increasing the presence of water. Plus, snowy winters necessitate salty roads—and frequent carwashes.

But, there’s another problem. Saw-cutting—it takes more time, it makes the road more vulnerable to wear, and it creates a large job site. So, Coleman ditched the saw-cut all together.

Instead, Heber City Pubic Works has taken to using EZ Street asphalt. It provides the reliability of hot mix, along with the convenience of cold mix. And, it’s paid off.

Coleman has been able to minimize his job site, and time on site. Now, the only reason they have to come back is to patch the road around their patches.

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