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They call it a “sweep”—and, after a long Kansas Winter, this farmland highway is in dire need. But, two lane highway repairs are dangerous—especially in combine territory—so, the faster the better.

Hot mix means big crews—big gear—and, big headaches.

But, if they use a standard cold mix this would be the beginning of a long—not-so-beautiful—relationship with these potholes.

This year, they revolted.

A two man crew—armed with shovels and a truck full of EZ Street high performance asphalt—slowly rolled up on a wind-tortured cackle of potholes.

Five minutes later it was all over.

After nothing more than a quick sweep, fill, and compact, the lane was back open for business—and our heroes were peacefully off to the next repair, leaving those patches behind, permanently.

  • No mixing, pre-treatments, or sealants
  • No heat
  • No extended lane closures

EZ Street cold asphalt provided a quick, non-invasive repair—and, it saved Kansans money.

In addition to small crews, and minimal equipment, permanent pothole repairs eliminate the need to bring the whole operation back out again, and again, and again.

It’s a win for budgets, a win for crew safety, and a win for farmers and their families—which means everyone wins when pothole repairs are made with EZ Street cold mix.

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