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So, how did 8 bags of EZ Street cold asphalt turn into more than 800 bags?

What happened was this…

In the Little Rock area, EZ Street asphalt to the test. They had to see if it really is as good as the claims.

The trial began in the typically hot, humid, Arkansas summer. It’s a subtropical climate where summer temperatures average in the 90s. Initially, eight 50-pound bags of EZ Street cold asphalt were ordered. They used it to perform ongoing patching projects in various locations.

It didn’t take long to realize those eight bags just weren’t enough. More product was needed. In the photos you see here, the job required eighty-one 50-pound bags.

Using the product couldn’t go more smoothly. The men open the bags with a shovel. They pour out the EZ Street cold asphalt. Distribute it with a rake or shovel. Drive over it with a truck to compact it. Then, the repair is immediately opened to traffic. Normal vehicular traffic flow provides secondary compaction of the new asphalt.

We have to assume these workers are happy with their decision to use EZ Street cold asphalt, and that it’s outperforming their old, hot-asphalt ways of doing business. Since the initial order of eight bags last summer, they’ve taken delivery on three 18-wheelers-worth of EZ Street product. That’s 16 pallets per truck. 896 bags total. Almost 45,000 pounds of cold asphalt on hand, ready to use. Hats off to working easier, faster and safer—all at a lower cost.

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