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Pothole repair in New Jersey? You know what that is: the kind of nuisance you want to spell with a capital “N.” Especially in a place like Camden County. With a high population density, lots of traffic and cold, damp winters, repairing potholes can be nasty business.

That’s where EZ Street asphalt steps in and makes things truly easy and permanent—not to mention budget-friendly.

For example, take Bellmawr—a borough of Camden County. One morning, a couple of guys from the Bellmawr Public Works Department stop by American Asphalt in West Collingswood Heights. They pick up three tons of EZ Street cold asphalt. Their mission? Throw-and-go pothole patching on some busy streets.

With two guys hauling their load of asphalt in a dump-bed truck and a third guy following in a pickup, they take to the streets. They find a pothole. Then, with the pickup acting as a mobile barrier, the driver blocks traffic approaching from behind. Meanwhile, the two men with the EZ Street product get out. They sweep debris out of the pothole. They shovel EZ Street asphalt from the dump bed into the pothole. Then, they back their truck over the asphalt to compact it. Done and on to the next pothole.

And if there’s any product leftover, they can just stockpile it at the yard. The product is also guaranteed workable for up to one year.

Bellmawr Public Works has been using the product for years. They say it’s the best thing they’ve found, especially for the winter season. Winter offers no time to actually patch potholes in the worst possible pothole season—not to mention one of the most dangerous times to be doing a job that really needs doing. Using EZ Street asphalt means no need for multiple vehicles and a big crew. No need for hot mix. No need to close and reopen busy streets. Just throw and go with a guarantee of permanent repair—even if the pothole is filled with water. (Thanks to EZ Street asphalt’s proprietary polymer blend, the product displaces any water that’s in the hole.) And once the job is done, it’s done for good. No need to come back later and replace a patch made with conventional cold mix. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.

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