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It was difficult not feeling depressed when you looked at it. Pocked, crumbly, lined with slushy muck—maybe roads really do experience pain. If they do, this one was in pure agony—typically having to endure the frigid Canadian Winter until things thawed out enough for a flimsy attempt at first aide, but—sadly—never anything permanent.

Today was different. The road crew was months—and many degrees in temperature—too early. The potholes were still full of icy sludge, grey snow crust still caked the shoulders—it was still February, for the love of asphalt!

But, the City of Red Deer had a secret weapon. A cold mix asphalt that works in water—even during an Albertan Winter.

Tuesday, February 16th – one year later

Typically the crew would have thrown a few more hauls of asphalt on to this road—making frequent visits throughout the Summer. This year, they didn’t have to. They healed it—and this time, it’s permanent.

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