Green Bay High School

Green Bay High School

Auckland, New Zealand (2008) — Pothole Patch

Potholes scattered around were becoming a serious and dangerous problem for Green Bay High School in Auckland, New Zealand. The potholes varied in size, some approximately 800 mm x 60 mm. They had been a long-term issue for Green Bay High School and Phil, the Property Manager had trialled many products over the years which continued to fail.

After receiving a flyer about EZ Street, Phil contacted Simon Fletcher, EZ Street Product Manager of New Zealand’s distributor, Fulton Hogan. Simon visited the school and determined that the school would need a 250 kg sack of EZ Street - a new bag size recently introduced to the market and proving to be very popular.

Simon visited the school after a downpour of rain that resulted in the potholes filling with water. He demonstrated the ease and simplicity of making the repairs with EZ Street. Simon swept out all the water and debris, shovelled the product into the pothole, spread it out evenly and compacted the EZ Street in 25 mm layers with a hand tamper, and left it slightly proud to allow for further compaction. The problem potholes are now permanently solved for the school.

So impressed was Phil with the finished result and the straightforwardness of the application, that he provided Fulton Hogan with a written testimonial.

If you are unsure as to the correct application for EZ Street, please call us at 1-800-734-1476, contact your local sales rep or email us for consultation.
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