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How many times does a road repair crew not only tell you they love a product—but will tell you just how bummed out they are if they don’t get to use it? That’s what happens here in Conway, Arkansas. Mike Parks of EZ Street Asphalt is on location with the Faulkner County Road Department. They’re on a rural road far from hot mix. And that could seem like a problem. But today, they’re doing permanent pothole repairs on the fly with everyone’s favorite hot mix served cold, EZ Street Asphalt. The guys on the road repair crew love their EZ Street Asphalt. They like that it’s easier to shovel than other materials. They like that it’s guaranteed permanent, so they only have to do the job once. And they like that they can even use EZ Street Asphalt in water. They say they filled one pothole that was in a puddle so deep, they couldn’t even see it. But they filled it. And it worked. Their boss likes to say that you know things on the job are going well when the guys start singing. And if you watch the video, it really happens. They love their EZ Street Asphalt and they sing.

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