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Who really wants to send a road crew out onto a busy street for any longer than necessary? It creates a liability. It can cause injury. There’s the potential for traffic accidents. And really, being out there just isn’t a lot of fun. But the good news is: this road crew in Healdsburg demonstrates that you can drastically shorten the amount of time spent repairing a busy road. Just use EZ Street cold asphalt.

It almost takes these guys longer to put out the traffic cones and the “lane closed” signs than to make the pothole repairs. After picking up their load of EZ Street product at Napa Valley’s Syar Industries, they head to the location. They close the problem lane to traffic. After sweeping debris out of the pothole, they pour EZ Street directly from the truck. A crewmember smooths it into the hole. Then, the truck backs a rear tire over the hole to compact the asphalt. The crew collects their signs and cones and moves on to the next project.

Especially with California’s infrastructure challenges and shrinking budgets, it’s nice to know that fast and effective pothole repair is possible. EZ Street cold asphalt: showing potholes who’s boss.


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