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The PWC crew in Fayetteville, NC likes their EZ Street Asphalt. Here, they’re replacing water-main laterals, and using the EZ Street product for reinstating the utility cuts. In the video, you can hear foreman Kenny Hart and his men saying exactly the kinds of things that are heard from EZ Street Asphalt users around the world: “Just like hot asphalt…” “We work in the rain, and EZ Street does real well in the rain…” “Especially when hot asphalt’s not available due to weather…” “…even when it’s raining. It’s almost like a miracle asphalt.” In an operation like this, they’d normally use an inferior cold product for a temporary patch—and it wouldn’t be long before that product is pushed out of the hole and require replacement. But with EZ Street Asphalt, they just put the product in the hole, compact it, and it performs like hot asphalt. It’s guaranteed permanent. EZ Street Asphalt. Showing potholes (and utility cuts) who’s boss.

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